niedziela, 1 maja 2011

A-Kiddo - Litchi (Preview)

From his blog:

Hello folks!
First things firts. It’s getting hotter and hotter recently, so I dusted off one of my favourite records of all time - Toro y Moi’s ‘Causes of This’. Chaz Bundick did a masterpiece that I will never throw out (like it happened with Crystal Castles’ debut album - sorry, there were people that needed it and wanted it more).
It won’t be surprising if I’ll admit that for last week all I was doing was trying to mime Bundick’s sound - warm, dreamy, lo-fi. I don’t know if I succed, but I know believe that new song I’m working on will be huge. Personally, I’m really proud of it.
Well, all I can wish you now is to feel that warm wave of stars at night. Whatever it is.

Litchi (Preview) by A-Kiddo

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